The Adventures of Penny

We had a litter of kittens here, born to a rescue cat, River, in September of 2017, and Penny was adopted by a staff member’s daughter. She has a unique life — as she is co-pilot to her owner, who is a long haul driver. Here is her story:

Hello, we would like to introduce you to Penny:

We adopted her from McPhillips Animal Hospital in September 2017, waiting for her to be old enough to leave her mum was painstakingly long but worth the wait!

She is the only cat I know that has a job of co-pilot. Our daughter is a long hauler driver and asked if she could have a cat for company.

Turns out she is a great traveler, wakes at the crack of dawn to start the day and goes a little nutty to wind down at night. She has an abundance of toys, beds and her litter box. She also has an assortment of harness which she wears when traveling. She has a microchip and tattoo for ID along with tags plus up to date with vaccines and parasite prevention.

When not in motion, she enjoys looking at the sights from the dash board of the truck. When walking through a truck stop you notice lots of dogs in the windows but not many cats so you do a double take when you see one.

Penny is now 6 months old and she could tell you she’s seen all kinds of weather and all kinds of places. She is a fantastic companion as well as a stress reliever.

When home she blends right in with our 4 cats, like she never left. We did a lot of research and watched videos to ensure a cat would have a well-balanced life, within the confined space which they appeared to have.

Thought we would share our unique story.

Happy travels from the crew!!

Thank you Cheryl & Caitlyn for sharing Penny’s story with us!