Weight Management

Using different weight management techniques to prevent illness and keep your pet living longer.

Having a chunky loyal companion is so normalized that the associated health risks are often forgotten. There are many healthy complications associated with obesity, which can be expensive to treat. Our veterinarians can tailor a weight loss plan to get your cherished companion to a healthier size and shape.

How does obesity affect my pet’s health?

When your loyal companion begins to gain extra pounds they will likely slow down or become hesitant to any physical activity. This is often due to problems that excess weight can inflict on their internal organs. Overweight pets are more likely to have the following health conditions:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Urinary bladder disease
  3. Diabetes
  4. Cancer
  5. High blood pressure

Without treatment, which will include weight loss, these problems can become fatal. To learn how weight management can assist your canine or feline call us at 204-589-8381.

How can I help my cat or dog lose weight?

One of the first things to do is have your veterinarian evaluate your loyal companion. An experienced veterinarian can determine a healthy weight for your cat or dog and create a safe weight loss plan. While it's important for your feline or canine to lose weight, it's equally important that it’s done in a sustainable way. Here are some guidelines that will be included in their weight loss:

  • Replacing unhealthy treats
  • Ensuring your cat/dog stays active with playtime or walking
  • Scheduling their meals instead of free-feeding
  • Introducing low-calorie foods that are both delicious and healthy
  • Saying no to begging for table scraps
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