A one-time procedure that gives your pet permanent identification so they can always return home.

Having a loyal companion go missing is a type of heartbreak we hope none of our clients ever experience. To prevent your cat or dog from getting lost without any permanent identification we recommend microchips. Each chip has an ID number that can be detected with a barcode reader. Once the chip is implanted under the skin, your cat or dog is registered with the manufacturer. Then, your contact information is stored with the microchip’s ID number. 

When can my cat or dog be microchipped?

During their first veterinary visit, we will discuss preventative care for your loyal companion. It can be implanted during that first visit or whenever it is convenient. To get your cat or dog microchipped, reach out to us at 204-589-8381.

What are the benefits of microchipping a dog or cat?

The main benefit of having a microchip is that it is effective throughout the entire life of your loyal companion. The chip doesn’t need any repairs or upkeep. Your cat or dog only needs to be scanned with a special barcode reader which most veterinary offices and humane shelters have. 

Is the procedure painful?

The chip is so small that it is usually implanted into the skin with a special needle. The procedure will feel like a normal injection to your canine or feline companion. If your cat or dog gets nervous easily, our team has different methods to help them relax during their visit. The chip may also be inserted when they are already under anesthesia for routine procedures like dental cleanings.

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